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Our Mission

The Living Waters Foundation is designed to support and provide resources to those impacted by the Foster care system. It is our intent to reassure family reunification. We maintain a large network of community contacts.


We work with and support local agencies that recruit foster care family’s in Las Vegas. A generous amount of the proceeds from the donations will be given to the local contracted agencies. No other agency provides these types of services for foster care children, parents, and caseworkers.

Proudly Serving Las Vegas, Nevada
Pending Non-Profit Status
Hours of Operation:
Monday – Saturday, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Pacific Standard Time 

Who We Are

The Living Waters Foundation, an online non-profit organization based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, offers foster care support through donations and referrals. We are designed to cater to the needs of case workers for children involved in the foster care system, as well as foster parents and biological parents. We list REFERRALS for food pantries, clothing/toys, family resources, housing/shelters, foster parent availability, welfare district offices, mental health services, legal aid and any necessity that is required to sustain family reunification.

Minister Holland is a motivational speaker that understands the need of family reunification within Nevada for families impacted by the foster care system. Being in the foster care system herself, she realizes how hard it is to get the help you need when separated from family.

She speaks on communal and individual development that supports family reunification. Her dedication to reunite family is well known in the state of  Nevada. Her devotion in family reunification coincides with the purpose to build a community and support through businesses and individuals that understand the hardship of family separation. Her vision is to reunite families through the help of churches, organizations, and foundations that train and recruit family reunification.

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Contact us to either schedule a parenting class, hire a motivational speaker or to donate.